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Many professionals are required to have basic linguistic knowledge in their fields.  From teachers to speech therapists to marketing specialists, more and more people are finding themselves needing to learn the International Phonetic Alphabet, to understand the concepts of analyzing discourse, or learning how to design interface for computer-human interaction.  Universities are now filling up their classrooms with students curious about the basic elements of language.

So whether you are obligated to take linguistics courses to meet degree requirements or simply have a passion for learning about languages, Linguisticsnet was created for you!

We offer self-correcting exercises, tutorials, a glossary of linguistic terms, as well as primary source scholarly articles that will introduce and expand upon concepts concerning linguistic theories and analysis in the areas of phonology, phonetics, morphology, syntax, semantics, language acquisition, psycholinguistics, language change, gender and language, and sociolinguistics.

Interactive Exercises

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At Linguisticsnet, we want to help you build a strong academic foundation incrementally.  That's why we offer an ever expanding number of tutorial style articles as introductory, intermediate, or scholarly level materials on topics of interest.

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Scholarly Articles

Whether you are conducting formal research or looking for an intellectual stretch, you can gain access to a wide variety of articles on topics of interest.

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Linguistics in the World

The world is becoming smaller as contact between cultures and languages becomes more and more commonplace.  The interest in and need for understanding, using, and interpreting languages around the world is rapidly growing.  If you are interested in becoming a linguist, or in familiarizing yourself with the field, simply click on the links below that offer excellent information from the best-known linguistics specialists.

Why Major in Linguistics?            Linguistics as a Career            Finding Linguistic Programs



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